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Carter Allen

Nikki Harris the Cybermation Witch

Peter Allen


Thomas Dane Anderson

Hand Made Kiss Posters

Javier Avila


Rob Ayotte


Nadja Baer

Impure Blood, Melting Down: Comic for Kids with Asperger’s

Brock Beauchamp

Variables the Comic

Liz Berube

DC Silver & Golden Age Colorist & Artist

David Beyer Illustration

Lee Blauersouth

Sleep of Reason

Ty Blauersouth

Sleep of Reason

Drew Blom

The Super-Human Resources Dept.

Thomas Boguszewski

Illustrated operas, science stories, skits, sketches and more

Carl Borg

Panel Discussion and Chapel Service

Jamie Braham

It Looks Black

Andy Brase

Swamp Thing, Neil Gaiman, George RR Martin

Drew Brockington


Dave Bryant

All Ghouls School

Erik Burnham

GhostBusters, TMNT, Scarlet Spider

Jeff Butler

Video Game Artist – Former Comic Book Artist – Illustrator

Erin Cahanes

Comic Art, Illustration, Murals and Other Branding/Graphics

Keegan Cahanes

Comic Art, Illustration, Murals and Other Branding/Graphics

Jin Cannon

Stuff With Robots, Dinosaurs & Monsters

Zander Cannon

Heck, Replacement God, Top 10

W.C. “Cory” Carani

Call of Duty

Justin “Spanky” Cermak

Big Book of Space Sheriff & Happy Space Boy Graphic Novel

Chan Chau

Small Zines and a Sketchbook Compilations

Jim Clark


Heather Claude

Preliminary Stages Comics

Stephanie Cofell

Archie Comics

Dan Colley

Master Illustrator Hosted By Wetpaint

Ian Corrao


Carlos D’Anda

Awesome Illustrator at Dark Horse, & DC Comics

Abby Davis

Freelancer at MAKE Visual

Charles Denton

Blue Flame 2 Extinguish GN

Rob Douvier

Legends of Chaos Card Game

Kevin Doyle


Ryan Dow

Pretending You’re Not Crazy

Justin Dupont

Zombie Hood

Darla G Ecklund

Loched & Star Wars Chrome Cards

Matthew Eng

I F’n Love the Ramones, Wee Wee Fairies

Erik Evensen

The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay & Gods of Asgard

Holland Evermore

Not Really Sure

Arianna Fahrenkamp

Miss Ultimate

Steve Fastner

F&L’s Pocket Pal #5

Ted Field

Comic Noir

Henry Ford Ferkey

Ferkey Artist/Illustrator

Marc Alan Fishman

The Samurnauts & Unshaven Comics

Cory Fox


Otis Frampton

How It Should Have Ended – Web Series

h4>Devin Francisco

Pit and the compendium vol. 1, Omen

Paul Fricke

A Night For Screaming (Dark Horse), Mr. Drawing Board Belly

Scott Gallatin

Drawing the Wrong Conclusions

Ale Garza


Shawn Geabhart

All Ghouls School

Pat Gleason

Batman and Robin, Green Lantern, Cover Artist

Elizabeth Glein


Kyle Gnepper


Ryan E. Goebel

Legends of Chaos Card Game

Grant Gould

Blade Raiders –

Will Grant

Lost in the Wash

Peter Gross

Unwritten, Lucifer

Becky Grutzik

Aegis: Reluctant Heros, and Peep Lite

Maranda Guerrero

Butternut Chronicles

Sketch Gustafson

Falendor & Doodleton

Lindsey Hall


Erika Hammerschmidt

Comics About Autism

Jaybird Hansen

Zombie Girls, Problem Solving The Republic, Omen

Bud Hanzel

DIYS Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Ron Hartley

Panel Discussion and Chapel Service

Anthony Hary

The Midnight Raider & FIFTEEN MINUTES

Ashley Hasbargen

She Won’t Tell Us!

Bill Hauser

Hirax, Ghoul, In Defence, Ozzy Osborne

Samuel Clarke Hawbaker

Nomad, Samuree, Ace of Diamonds

Ashley Hay

Shirt designs Marvel, My Little Pony, Adventure Time and LA

Jacklyn Hedlund


Jessica Hickman

Womanthology, Space Quint

Dylan Hiler

PacBastard, Black Crowne, S&M in Tarthuria

Clint Hilinski

Illustrator – Artist – Pirate Queen & Bad Guy

Sam Hiti

Death-Day, Tiempos Finales

John Hoban

Apocalypse City

Blake Hoena

The Hero Club with local illustrator Scott Rolfs

Cedric Hohnstadt

Veggie Tales & Hasbro Toys

Thomas Hotka

515 Comics

Phillip Aaron Howe

Kids Mystery Comics

Brian Hurtt

The Sixth Gun From Oni Press

Ursula Murray Husted

The Lions of Valletta

Michael Hutchison

Metro Med

Adam Hughes

Star Wars Comic Covers & Cover Artist

Ryan Jacobson

Can You Survive? Books

Tory Jacobson

Green Pen Comics

Jocelyn Januschka

Spectrum Comics

MP Johnson

Dungeons and Drag Queens – Eraserhead Press

Christopher Jones

Batman 66, Young Justice, Avengers EMH

Steven Philip Jones

Clive Cussler Adventures

Phil Juliano

Cartoonist and Humorous Illustrator

Dan Jurgens

New 52 Futures End, Aquaman & the Others

Tom Kaczynski

Truth is Fragmentary

Doug Kallberg

Free Range Comics

Matt Kaufenberg

IDW Comics

Jim Keefe

Sally Forth – Flash Gordon

Ryan Kelly

Three from Image & Funrama

Todd Twmkum Kong

Art of DC , Street Fighter characters, and Poundcake

Jack Kotz

Cartoonist, Illustrator

Candace Marie Kramer

Graphite, Ink

Corey Kramer

The Remedy & Wonder Weenies

Peter Krause

Irredeemable, Power of Shazam!, Daredevil

Mike Kretz

Illustrator & Painter

Steve Kurth

GI Joe, Marvel, DC

Jeff Kulisek

Freelance Illustrator

Mikey Larson

Awesome Up & Coming Artist

K. Anthony Lawler

Tin Windows Studio Book, 25AZ Graphic Novel

Erik Lervold

The Red Calaveras

Steve Lieber

Superior Foes, Whiteout, Marvel Comics

Jeff Limke

Moonstone Comics’ Squad Zero

Bob Lipski

Uptown Girl

Mark Lone

Rise of the Mutant underground

Annamarie Lorimer


Gypsy-Maria Lorimer

Lorimer For the Love of You

Ant Lucia

DC Collectibles “DC Bombshells”

Nathan Lueth

Impure Blood, Melting Down: Comic for Kids with Asperger’s

Latham Luepke

Bad Apples

Leigh Luna

Banjo Girl, Clementine Fox

Chandra Lydeen


Sean Lynch

Processing++, Texas++, Nuclear Twilight

Doug Mahnke

Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Justice League

Matty Martin

515 Comics

Ashley Masog

Comics & Mini-Comics

Stefan Matioc

Cartoon & Motion Designer

Rob Mattison

Monster and Superhero Models

Diane May

Super Hero Face Painting

Michael May

Kill All Monsters!

Shawn McCarthy

The Great Unknown

Brad McGinty

Glorp Gum & Battle Zoo

Lupi McGinty

Lolly Poppet & Cartozia Tales

RD McHattie

My Comic Mom!! Bio on Golden Age Artist

Angel Medina

Marvel & Image Artist

Karen Meyer


Zach Miller

Joe and Monkey

Jacqueline Lee Milliren

Butternut Chronicles

Daniel “Stitch” Mohr

Mohr Creations

Jeffrey Morris

Future Dude Comics

Jeffrey Moy

Star Trek/Legionnaires

Phillip Moy

Powerpuff Girls & Danger Girl

John Mundt, Esq.

Oziana 2013, The Adventures of Monkey

Lucas Munson

Siamese & Eclipses

James Murray

Don’t Know But It Looks Awfully Cool!

Jacqueline Murto

Pet Super Hero Art

Willis Nance

Let’s Be Reckless

Darren Neely

The Prospector – Writer, Colorist, Letterer, Graphic Designer

Alex Ness

The Ravens of Odin, Empire of Stone

Tom Nguyen

JLA, Catwoman, Batmam & Robin

Diana Nock

The Intrepid Girlbot

Oliver Nome

Comicbook/Concept Artist/Painter

Cassandra O’Hara

Indy Comic Series

Daniel Olson

Bret Blackberg, Super Maxi Pad Girl

Angel Onofre

The Thing That Came from Space or Something

Jeff Parker

Bucko, Flash Gordon & Awesome Writer

Doug Paszkiewicz

Arsenic Lullaby, Mad Magazine, Eisner/Harvey Nominee

Taylor James Fox Payton

Unnanounced Graphic Novel Project

Charles Pechonick

Death and Zombies

Evan Pederson

Fancy Pants Gangsters

Andrew Pepoy

Fables, Simpsons, Afterlife With Archie, Simone & Ajax

Leo Perez

Legend of El Toro Dorado

Dann Phillips


Aaron Poliwoda

Low Blow Comics about Autism

James Powell

Robot Disney Princess project

Martin Powell

Halloween Legion

Gordon Purcell

Protectors Inc (Image) & Ben 10 (IDW)

Carlito Quinones

Bullet Face: Cold Heart

Rana Raeuchle


Amy Reeder

Award Winning Artist, Rocketgirl

CJ Renner


Emma Reuter


Sandez Rey

Sandez Reys Crypt of Underground Art & PR #1

Chandra Reyer

Cosmosaurs: Search for the Hovercat

Joe Rheault


Chris Rich-McKelvey

Pin Up Artist

Tom Richmond

Mad Magazine

Andrew Ritchie

Mystery Society, IDW, CO Heroes Image Comics

Brian Robinson

PacBastard, Black Crowne, S&M in Tarthuria

John Rosebush III


Brittney Sabo

All Night Comics

Brent Schoonover

Adventures of Superman, Integer City – Dark Horse

Barbara Schulz

Hitchhiker Vinegarettes

Geoff Sebesta

Rocksalt Magazine, Busta/Lovecraft, Cloudhopper

Eric Shuster

Dog Boy

Ivy Sendrijas

Blue Flame: Extinguish

George Severson


Jen Silverman

Level 1, Things and Stuff

Andy Singer

Why We Drive (New Book)

Jon Sloan

Lutefisk Sushi ‘E’

Allison Sohn

Cover Artist & Illustrator

Mahieu Spaid

Life Under the Dome

Chad Spilker

Pinup artist: Spilker Brand Cheesecake

Mark Stegbauer

Dr Goyle, Gun Ghoul, Dragonseed

David Steinlicht

In This Corner: 5 Years of In the Corner

Jack Stone

PacBastard, Black Crowne, S&M in Tarthuria

Len Strazewski

Malibu Comics & Professor

Dave Strong

Star Wars Trading Card Artist

Violet-Conchita Sunde

Animatin & Storyboards

Adam Sward

Electric Hangover, My Awful Mouth

Steve Takada

Dead7 Studios

Tim Tapp

Tequila Sunrise

Paul Taylor

Wapsi Square Webcomic & Graphic Novel

David Tea

Five Perennial Virtues

Conrad Teves


Ben Vazquez

MetaWorks Comics/Graphic Design. Comics: Terra, Mr. Black

Joey Vazquez

MetaWorks Comics/Graphic Design. Comics

Dan Veesenmeyer

LEGO Illustrator, TV Animation, Illustrator

Joel Vollmer

Greatest Show on Earth

Ron Wagner

G. I. JOE, Batman, Punisher, Daredevil, Morbius

Tyler Walpole

Marvel Covers & Awesome Illustration & Painting

Lance Ward

K-Mart Shoes

David Watkins

The Cursory Gazette

Matt Wendt

The Void: Full Tilt, and Peep

David Wheeler

Midadventures of Wonderboy

Jamie Willems

3-4 Different Zines and Comics & Prints

Bill Willingham

Fables & Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure

Ben Wilson

Torn Angel

Brandon Wind

Junior Varsity Comic Book

Kevin Wind

Junior Varsity Comic Book

David Witt

Odin and the Gods, Mark Waid’s Thrillbent

J Wright

Undead End

Matt Wright

Samurnauts & Unshaven Comics

Christa Yelich-Koth

Hollow & Spider’s Truth


RECENT ADDITIONS as of 04/01/2014:

Chad Corrie

The Return of the Wizard King

Ryan Schrodt

Writer of Comics. King Trickster Monkey

Richard Scott

Lucifer for Congress, After Life, The Chimney

Josh Blaylock

Devil’s Due Entertainment

Terry Pavlet

Strange Detective Mysteries & Da’kota TPB

Moose Baumann

Valiant Artist

Pablo Marcos

Marvel Golden Age Artist

Rich Larson

F&L’s Pocket Pal #5

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