Dear MCBA Friends and Family,

Well, another year is about to pass through the gates of time, never to be encountered again (unless you have a Cosmic Treadmill, a Stargate, a Starship you can slingshot around the sun, a Tardis, a controllable wormhole, a Quantum Accelerator, a Flux Capacitor, a Wayback Machine, a Time Gem, or one of the numerous time machines that everyone from H.G. Wells to Dr. Doom leaves lying around).

Of course, the biggest news of the year for the MCBA was the sudden and tragic passing of our Chief Bottlewasher, Dominic Postiglione (or “Nick Post” for you of the monosyllabic bent).

Of course, the questions that have been on everyone’s Harlequin Romance-like pouty but trepidatious lips is, “What happens to the MCBA now?”

The answer is simple: WE KEEP GOING!

Each of those words carries a special significance:

1)    WE: Nick was a one-man band.  He did everything.  No single person is going to be able to duplicate his monumental work.  Fortunately, no single person has to.  Man-Mountain Big Mike Edmundson, Crazy Cousin Kelly Willhite, and I have volunteered to step up and pick up the slack.  But we’re not alone!  Most of you have offered to help.  And as we formulate our plans for COMPLETE AND TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION, rest assured, we’ll take you up on your offer!  In the interim, you can help by SPREADING THE WORD!  There is still a shocking number of people that don’t know about us or our shows.  Spread the word that the MCBA is alive, kicking, and will be putting on the hippest, coolest, snazziest comic conventions IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE!

2)    KEEP: We realize that it’s important to keep what people enjoy about our conventions.  They’re focused on comics!  But that doesn’t mean that we’re going to stand still.  Over the past few years, we’ve included activities from gaming tournaments to fortune tellers.  Nick was serious when he said that he wanted something for -everyone- and he wanted it to be a celebration…a carnival…an EVENT that leaves people talking and clamoring to come back again.  We’re going to keep on with Nick’s vision and include more things you wouldn’t think would be at a comic convention but are cool and fun!

3)    GOING: The MCBA has been doing conventions as far back as 1989.  From the Maplewood Community Center, to the Thunderbird Hotel, to the Fairgrounds Education Building, to the Grandstand, we keep going and growing.  We’re not the biggest convention in the country.  Not by a longshot.  But that’s never been our goal.  When it’s all said and done, we do this because it’s fun.  And we hope that sense of fun translates to everyone from the comic dealers, to the creators, to the fans.  So tell some more people about the great time we’re all having.  The more, the merrier!


So, there you have it.  If you’ve been wondering, if there’s been any doubt, if you’ve gazed to the heavens and wondered if that shooting star is an asteroid that will destroy our planet before the first annual MSP COMIC CON on MAY 16-17th, 2015, at the GRANDSTAND on the MINNESOTA STATE FAIRGROUNDS.  Well, bunky, you’d better just plan to be there!  Because that planet-shattering spitball can only wish it could have the kind of impact that we’re going to deliver!

All you folks have a fantastic holiday season and we’ll see you in May!



Your Weird Uncle (That Guy In The Hat) Mike Frigon

Full Event information pending

MSP COMICON – May 16 & 17 – 2015 – MN State Fairgrounds – St Paul – MN – All about comic books




100,000 SQ/FT of Extreme Comic Book Mayhem. Hundreds of dealers & over 250 Comic Book Creators from all over the industry. Door prizes, gab bags, & much more!!


Put on your cape! Whether you enjoy costuming, shopping, or getting industry scoops from our guest creators, the MCBA puts on events for the whole family!


From their HUGE comic book marketplace, to the Hundreds of Comic Book Creators in attendance, the MCBA offers something for Everyone!