ADMISSION: $8 – Kids 12 and Under get in FREE 
MCBA also welcomes donations of nonperishable food items at the door. 

Hey Everyone!

Plans for FallCon, the One-Day Wonder, are coming together nicely.
October 4, 10am-5pm, Education Building on the State Fairgrounds!
A few quick announcements:
FALLCON FULL UP!: It is with both relief and regret to announce that both Creator and Dealer tables for FallCon 2014 are sold out and full up.  Relief because after Nick Post’s untimely and tragic passing, we feel like we’ve been trying to leap tall buildings with some of the hurdles we’ve encountered.  Not the least of which was trying to connect with dealers and creators after we were unable to transfer the MCBA’s old, and now obsolete, email address.  Because of this, it is with deep regret that some dealers and creators did not get table space.  We apologize profusely to these people.  We worked diligently with the email provider but, in the end, their requirements were more than we could provide.  In short, mncba@aol.com must be considered a lost mailbox.
Which leads us to the next announcement…
SIGN UP FOR NEW MCBA EMAIL ADDRESSES!: As we’ve grown, we always kept the same old email address.  As convenient as this was, it grew to be a nightmare to manage.  Our solution to conquer this Lernaean Email Hydra is to have multiple emails dedicated to groups.
MCBAdealer@gmail.com:  This email address is for all you sales and supplier folks.
MCBAguest@gmail.com:  This email address is for all you artist, creator, and presenter types.
MCBAquestions@gmail.com:  Got questions about our shows?
MCBAvolunteers@gmail.com:  If you’re one of our volunteers or want to be one of our volunteers, this email address is for you.
Please, Please, Please, if you are or have been an MCBA dealer, guest or volunteer, drop us a line in the appropriate email box with your name and contact info so we can keep you in the loop with MCBA announcements and developments.  Again, we’re rebuilding our contact network and we don’t want anyone left out.
NICK POST COMMUNITY MEMORIAL: We’re going to have community display set up for a memorial to Nick Post.  Creators, dealers, volunteers, visitors are all encouraged to bring pictures, stories, drawings…anything that celebrates the larger-than-life life of The Big Guy.  Just make sure whatever you bring gets marked as yours so you can pick it up at the end of the show.
NICK POST MEMORIAL SILENT AUCTION: A lot of artists and creators have been chomping at the bit to do something, -anything-, to honor Nick’s life and continue his spirit.  Part of what made Nick so great was his selflessness in giving.  Giving people the chance, the encouragement, and the opportunity to succeed.
We normally don’t do auctions at FallCon but…for this year only, we will be holding the Nick Post Memorial Silent Auction.
Just as with our SpringCon Charity Art Auction, artists and creators can donate sketches, pages, etc.  We will take bids on these items throughout the FallCon show.  At the end of the show, the winning bidders can pay for their items by check, cash, or credit card.  100% of the money will be donated to the Minneapolis College of Arts & Design to be used as a scholarship for their Comic Art program.  Your generosity will put as many talented and promising artists, that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it, through MCAD’s Comic Art program as the money will allow.
Artists/creators can bring their donations with them to FallCon, drop them off at The Source, or you can send them to me directly.  Email me through Facebook or through our snazzy new email addresses and I’ll give you an address to send your donations.
Thanks everyone!  Gear up for a GREAT SHOW!



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