To all of our guests, fans, and volunteers that have reached out to us with Nick’s tragic and untimely passing:

First, let me say THANK YOU! We’ve had an incredible outpouring of offers to aid and assist, ranging from “Whatever it takes” to “~ANYTHING~” regarding Nick’s family and the MCBA. The compassion and commitment that you are demonstrating for Nick and all the work that he did is truly¬†a moving testimony to how much he meant to us all.

Second, let me reassure you all that the MCBA isn’t going anywhere! We are just as committed as you to keep the MCBA going strong and working to make FallCon and the newly christened MSP Comic Con (formerly SpringCon) the coolest comic conventions out there with that special touch of ~snazzy~ that Nick was so good at bringing.

Third, you should all know that, right now, we’re doing everything we can to pick up the threads where Nick left off and try to make this as smooth a transition as possible. As most of you know, Nick was a “one-man band” when it came to the cons. Which made things convenient and easy for just about everyone. Unfortunately, it’s become an Achilles Heel in light of this tragedy. Now, we’re working on finding passwords, getting online email and contact accounts transferred, finding files on his computer, going through paperwork, etc. We’re making progress. And we know that FallCon is fast approaching. So we are not sitting back…just the opposite, we’re hustling to get up speed as fast as we can! So, while we appreciate all of the offers to help, what we need right now is a little time. As we get the plan together, we will absolutely have work for people to do. And we will not hesitate to dole that work out to you that have offered to help.

That’s where we’re at right now, plain and simple. We’re picking up the pieces and putting them back together as best we can. More updates will be on the way.

Again, thanks everyone!
Mike “That Guy in the Hat” Frigon



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